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Medium Size State Shaped Dry Erase - Pick Your State

  • $ 49.99

Use our medium size state shaped whiteboard as a menu board, bulletin board or "command center" to organize your life at home, at school or at work!

Our unique and high quality state shaped whiteboard products are not only useful organizational tools, they are a cool and eye catching piece of decor for the home or office while also being a great way to represent your state pride or help you remember a place that you love to visit.

Available in all of the 50 US state shapes, our dry erase state maps are ideal for giving as a unique wedding gift and they also make wonderfully different housewarming gift ideas. 

  • Dry erase marker included (fine line Expo black)
  • Mounting kit included (self adhesive hook and loop fastener squares)
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included
  • Marker holder included (self adhesive)

The medium size state shaped dry erase maps measure 24" wide / tall (depending upon the state) and are made from high quality glossy white ¼" thick non ghosting whiteboard material that is made in the USA. Each whiteboard is carefully cut to the precise shape of the state using a CNC router at our home workshop in Saint Louis, Missouri.

*Note on sizing: Each state shape is scaled so that the largest dimension is 24" (either the height or width), the other dimension will then be proportionally smaller.

Our state shaped whiteboards are also available in other sizes to suit your needs:

  •  Mini = 12" perfect for small spaces like lockers, cubicles, or dorm rooms 12-size-states
  •  Small = 18" great for the fridge or cabinet door 18-size-states
  •  Large = 36" wonderful for the office or small business 36-size-states

This item is also available as a chalkboard. chalkboards

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