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Mini Whiteboard for Home/ Office, State Shaped: Pick A State: Mini Size

  • $ 24.99

Ideal for small spaces around the home or office, our mini state shaped whiteboard is just what you need to organize and plan your life and your projects!

Whiteboards are super convenient for jotting down things that need to be remembered. From "honey do" lists, to messages for family or roommates and fun doodles, our mini dry erase map in your choice of US state easily mounts on the fridge or on a cabinet so that your notes are right where you need them when you need them!

Mini state shaped whiteboards make fun and unique gifts for weddings, housewarming, graduation, retirement, teacher appreciation and more!

  • Dry erase marker included (fine line Expo black)
  • Mounting kit included (self adhesive hook and loop fastener squares)
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included
  • Marker holder included (self adhesive)

Our mini state shaped whiteboard measures 12" wide / tall  (depending upon the state) and is cut to the precise outline of the state from high quality ¼" dry erase material using a CNC router at our home workshop in Saint Louis, Missouri.

*Note on sizing: Each state shape is scaled so that the largest dimension is 12" (either the height or width), the other dimension will then be proportionally smaller.

Our state shaped whiteboards are also available in other sizes to suit your needs:

This item is also available as a chalkboard. chalkboards

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